Troop Court of Honor 312

The Court of Honor will be held on Monday March 17th, 2014 from 6:30-8:30

Food assignments are as follows:

Shamen-Main Dish

Duct Tape Dragon- Main Dish

Alchemists- Deserts

New Scouts- Sides and Salads

******Please remember to bring your own plates, silverware, and drink Be Prepared©

Air Force Museum Trip

Dear Scouts planning on going to the Air Force Museum this weekend.

On Friday March 7, 2014
Be at the First Presbyterian Church at 4:30PM having already had supper. We will be leaving from the Church at 5:00 PM sharp heading for Dayton.It will take about four hours to arrive in Dayton.
We are not taking the troop trailer so space is limited,. We do not need a lot of equipment because we will be using plastic silverware  and plates for eating.  You will need a cup for any kind of drink we have.
We will be returning on Sunday around 3:30pm

ski trip

Please be at the church for the ski trip between 7 and 7:15. We will be leaving at 7:30 so please get there in time to get around and in cars. Dress warm, you can always take a layer off but if you are cold you will not have as much fun. Please bring a sack lunch or money for lunch at the concession stand. The concession stand is pricey and there are not many choices. They will be stopping for pizza on the way home too (Brad and Scott are treating). There will be a call tree for the return time. Please email back with questions about the trip.

Important Information

Colin has lost the green cover to his boy scout book. I found another green cover that was NOT his. I am wondering if his got picked up on accident. Please check the zipper pocket for Colin’s blue card stuff and bring it to swap next week if you picked it up on accident.
EMU Merit Badge Day
EMU Merit badge day is approaching on March 29th. Please put this on your radar. It is a great day.
The 2014 Campership Process has been introduced.  April 1st is the deadline and it is an online process!!

February PLC

The February PLC is February 9th @ 3:30pm. All patrol leaders and the scribe have to be there or have a rep. there.

There is a high adventure meeting after the PLC at the church at about 4:30pm