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Troop 312 - established on June 14, 1911 - serving the Boys of Jackson and surrounding counties age 11-17 years old for over 100 years ! 

Crew 312 - established September 2017 - serving Boys and Girls of Jackson and surrounding counties age 14-20 years old

Troop 312 G - established February 2019 - serving the Girls of Jackson and surrounding counties age 11-17 years old - The first female Troop in the district! 

We have Scouts from East of Grass Lake to Parma who come to our Troop because we are the most active Troop (and Crew) around. We are a High adventure Troop and Crew, with recent trips to Colorado and Isle Royale. 

It is our shared goal to support the Scouts involved in becoming better leaders and great citizens.



Contact us form was not working

Posted on Sep 14 2019 - 3:53pm

We received a few "contact us" forms that dropped the sender information. We have no way to respond to you. If you sent a form and did not receive a response, please go to the contact us at the left of the page. Our I.T. department has fixed the form and we will respond to your promptly. 

Popcorn Store Front Sales Shifts

Posted on Aug 24 2019 - 12:52pm

Hey everyone! Please check out the calendar when you get a moment to sign up for some store front popcorn sales!! You can also download the Trails End app and sign up there too! Thank you :)

Health forms A,B, and C, Cyberchip, cell phone contract, Due immediately

Posted on May 22 2019 - 6:28am


We need health forms from EVERYONE immediately (A and B you can fill out yourself, C is by DR). These must be typed/filled out on the computer and printed. There are currently only 11 Scouts that have complete forms on file. These must be filled out for anyone who camps, or may camp with us, or attends meetings with us. Adults included. 

Electronics at or enroute to camp

Posted on Apr 23 2019 - 9:15pm

 A few quick notes about electronics at or enroute to any Scouting event. 

If you wish to have ANY electronic at a Scouting event (including meetings), or while riding to/from events you must have the following:

Cyber Chip Renewal Link

Posted on Apr 3 2019 - 6:45am

Here is the link to renew your cyber chip

Website issues?

Posted on Mar 20 2019 - 8:29am

If you see an issue with the website (event signup not working, missing or incorrect informaiton, etc) please email us as and we will get them fixed. Thanks! 

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